Whether walking through the Habbous, Marif, or supermarket aisle's of Morocco surely you won't miss Morocco's liquid gold! You guessed it, Argan oil! Argan oil is produced from 'Argania Spinosa' in the lovely Morocco located in Northern Africa, where I have been spending the last few months guiding yoga and meditaion classes.

I have heard from many people of the many benefits of the amazing fruit oil! But it wasn't until I tried it for myself did I discover how absolutely amazing argan oil is. I have tried many oils to nourish and rejuvenate my skin and hair along my travels including my favorite coconut oil; which is superb but I personally can't use coconut oil on my face because it is too oily for my skin type so I love it for my body and hair.

After my first day in Maroc I had to do some experimenting so my friends and I went off to gather argan oil, pure 100% argan oil. I began to mix the oil into my sunscreen every morning and evening and after 2-3 weeks of consistent use I was so amazed at the results I had! Years of sun damage had apparently began to diminish and my skin looks noticibly healthier without make up! Talk about good vibes, it's really a great feeling. Argan oil is known for it's anti-aging, nourishing, protection, and healing properties. If you haven't tried it in your regimen, it's a must. Luckily I found the oil in it's native land and pure form, while shopping for argan oil be sure that you are using pure and not processed argan oil.

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