Ahhh. The bittersweet reality has hit. This is my last week in Morocco...Until next time.

Wow! What an amazing journey! I have discovered so much about the Berber culture, met incredible people, gained new perspective, and found more than I was looking for over the last 6 months. Not to mention, the Gnawa festival, city life, road trips and banana village. More about the adventure to come but, as promised, before leaving I have been making the infamous rhassoul/ ghassoul clay a part of my routine here. The all natural mineral clay is mined from the moroccan atlas mountains and is rich in minerals.

I have been using the rhassoul clay as a hair mask and deep conditioner and with use over the last few months I can finally say I love the results and benefits of using the moroccan beauty clay 1-2 times per week! My natural hair is very curly with low porosity and after use of the clay as a deep conditioner, I can see that my curls are much more refined, my hair is less dry and much softer and seems to be soaking up the nutrients from moroccan argan oil after I rinse the clay from my hair. Also, my hair has grown a lot since using these natural moroccan secrets but I am not sure if it is due to the natural products or a mix of other things I have been doing differently on my travels, either way I am happy to notice the subtle changes!

While letting the rhassoul clay mask sit in my hair during a shower I also started using argile verte as a face and body mask for maintenance. Argile verte or Green clay naturally absorbs oil and toxins from the skin. Argile verte was first discovered in France and it is a green clay that can be used to treat acne, blemishes and leaves the skin feeling soft.

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