We all have that ideal of what the big day will look like implanted in our minds. As time goes by, and for some, lovers come and go; the vision gets clearer with time. Across the globe, a marriage union is a life changing decision and commitment. "To have and to hold, through sickness and health, the ups and downs." What a special way to tell your partner that you will be there for them through the inevitable peaks and valleys of life!

In Morocco, marriage ceremonies are very traditional and to be respected. Moroccan families come together to celebrate the union of their loved ones with traditional clothing, head dress, art, music, decor and delicious Moroccan cuisine...And no wedding ceremony can take place without Neggafates, master wedding planners that surround the lovely bride through the ceremonies. The neggafates cater to the bride by assisting her with traditional make up, hair styles, jewelry and dress.

And of course there's the Henna ceremony amongst many other traditional ceremonies during this special and sacred joining of souls. A few days before the wedding ceremony, the bride will go to the hammam; which is a spa with her bridal party. The symbolic purification henna ceremony is followed with singing and a moroccan henna artist creates beautiful and symbolic art designs on the bride and her friends hands and feet.

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Titou is a beautiful warrior goddess, travel blogger with a compassion for the youth and fascination for travel and adventure. Originally from the beautiful country of Portugal, she made her way to Morocco to explore the culture. We instantly connected through our shared interests of travel, stepping out of our comfort zones again and again, and of course music!

Titou's passion for giving back to the youth is such a beautiful sight to see. She spent her free time at the local village school of Tamraght teaching the children french and english through songs and games. Visit her blog to follow the amazing adventures of Titou as she wanders the globe!

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