Well - being / a good or satisfactory condition of existence ; a state characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity.

Would you rather not eat for a week, or not shower for a week?

I bet I got you thinking, because most of us love both of those activities and consider it of utter necessity.

You might consider that there are other ways to clean yourself than taking a shower (and worse case you probably wouldn’t die to not clean yourself for few days). Eating is another story. Eating is a key part of our lives : we enjoy it, use it to connect with others, and - more importantly - it is necessary for survival.

Well, while I won't deny that nourishing your body is indeed a primary need, I can guarantee you that not eating any solid food for a week or two won't kill you, it will actually do you good (provided that you are not under any specific medical condition). Please consult your physician before moving forward with the suggested text.

The tradition of fasting goes back many moons ago. A Master Cleanse is the most powerful cleansing and detoxification technique known to man from ancient times. S Borroughs is mentioned in many texts and blogs to be the founder of this technique in 1940. But Master Cleanse was known long before that by the Mayans and Aztecs, and often used annually for purification of body, mind and spirit. One of the most amazing books on the topic is The Master Cleanse by Stanley Borroughs. (Check it out!)

The way it works is that instead of eating, you drink several times a day a mix of water, fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper and organic maple syrup (important to provide you the energy that your body needs to function). Fasting allows you to cleanse your body and skin and system, leaving you illness free, solving your possible skin issues (eczema, acne) or constipation issues. You will have more energy and feel more lively, even if it sounds counter-intuitive, most people who have experienced a master cleanse will confirm this. It will also shift your understanding of food and nutrition, and orient you toward foods and a diet that support your body and mind well-being rather than easy choices, taste pleasure and convenient food according to the primal senses or latest food trends.

Little by little and naturally you get on the path to healthy eating, as in eating nourishing foods good for your body and mind and hey! for the taste buds too! The most epic smoothies, vegan cakes, gourmet raw meals, chocolates, fruits and tons more are accessible to you...

From a biological perspective there is no harm to not eat for a short period, especially when you are surrounded by experienced individuals to advise you. This is why I strongly recommend to live this experience in the context of a retreat.

Eating is also a social event, it is the moment many of us will regroup with family, colleagues and friends. Most of us live in an environment surrounded by food, should we step in the street, turn on the tv, or check our facebook / instagram feed. This is a real challenge when you set your mind too fast, and this is why fasting in an environment dedicated to a cleanse, with like-minded individuals, makes it much easier.

Try to make sure that you are in an environment where you can stay away from other people eating. The mantra is simple : Do not eat and do not think about food. Reading some books detailing the benefits of fasting for your colon and your bodies natural system is also a good trick to get over the few minutes of your body sending you signals of hunger, should that happen.

If you are concerned about missing the pleasure of eating for a week, wait to experience the pleasure of successfully challenging yourself and feeling that you have been good to your body. Then please come back to this article and share in the comments what was the most enjoyable!

If you are interested in joining us for an amazing detox and yoga retreat in the natural beauty of Jamaica stay connected. Email inquiries to /and Sign up for our mailing list!/ Visit

Peace and so much Love,


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