Break the mold. Think outside of the box!

Get out of your comfort zone. You’ve always dreamed of your honeymoon in beautiful Greece, Mexico, Hawaii or Bali, living on the frequency of love in a beautiful destination with your lover. But why don’t you turn your world upside down, start your new life with something original? Why don’t you go for a honeymoon yoga retreat ?

A honey moon is a time for couples to spend quality time together to connect, strengthen their bond. Use this magical experience to know more about your partner, to create a deeper connection and intimacy.

Yoga practice gives the opportunity for couples to create a deeper intimacy and connection. Yoga means union, to join or unite. This union can be present in your own personal practice connecting mind, body, and spirit but when you practice with your partner you are creating this union and syncing together through breath and movement. Practicing together you will possibly learn things about your partner that you did not know before, such as how he/she communicates and responds to life as an individual. Together you will practice patience, trust and communication skills.

But the most important is to make a good choice and go for the yoga honeymoon of your dreams !

If you are a couple that enjoys fun and meeting new people perhaps an AcroYoga retreat will be fulfilling for you to experience.

Just as the practice suggests there is a curation of union with your partner in each pose, one will be the base and the other the flyer in an AcroYoga practice. You will practice the art of playfulness, trust, and communication. AcroYoga is not only a great physical workout but you will practice teamwork, develop open and honest communication as you give and take directions, all while having fun!

If you two enjoy surfing, sport and adventure in an amazing destination, try a surf and yoga holiday.

8 Days Surf & Full Yoga retreat in the south of Morocco

Here is a great choice for surf honeymooners who want something a bit exotic and adventurous. Morocco is a land of mosques and markets, kaleidoscopic colours and fascinating smells and sounds. The best surf and biggest waves are in the winter months, from October to March, though conditions can be excellent at any time of year.

The perfect mix! If you consider yourselves to be a romantic duo that really enjoys quality time made with caring and discovery, you would love this spa and wellness retreat.

6 Days Holistic Balance retreat in Costa Rica

This retreat in Costa Rica is the perfect choice for a couple looking to get out of the routine to find connection, harmony and inner peace. You will immerse yourself in an unlimited access to the yoga classes, outdoor hiking, the turquoise Manuel Antonio sea, and beauty of this tropical paradise.

Maybe your style is more luxurious, you show your love by pampering one another with gifts and compliments. A luxury yoga holiday is where you will find your paradise.

8 Days Couples retreat in Malaysia

This will be an unforgettable trip! You will discover the joy of togetherness with a complete organic experience as well as impeccable service and unsurpassed hospitality standards. The Chateau is the world’s first organic spa and wellness resort, inspired by the 12th century “Haut Koenigsbourg” castle in Alsace, France.

You have been married for a long time and had your honey moon many moons ago?

Hey, a honey moon is not just for newlyweds! Some of the most successful partnerships include taking weekend getaways or vacations to recharge, reconnect and have fun together in a beautiful destination. These practices help to deter the monotony of day to day life in a marriage. You can set the tone of your marriage and partnership by keeping things fun and sweet with your love.

Peace & Eternal Love <3

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