1. Get rid of bad habits. You know the things that are not in alignment with your vision; procrastination, negative self talk, lack of self discipline.....and pressing the snooze button 3X in the morning! I know, we get it, It takes 21 days to break an old habit and form a new habit...that's a consistent 21 days or so. To start a new habit, replace the old habit with a new healthy habit. For example, if you want to eat healthier than you have been, start meal prepping your lunch/dinner every week or if you want to beat that negative self talk start practicing positive affirmations every morning....Get rid of the clutter! Toss out anything that you no longer need, gift it to the less fortunate or the weary in spirit. Uplift someone else by letting go of those shoes and clothes that do not fit you any more, make room for the new. When you let go of the clutter you create space for what you want to attract to you easily. It is your signal to the universe "Hey, I am taking action for change here!" and guess what its as if a domino effect begins and you start to experience more of what you do want. So let it go! Yes, babe.. this includes negative emotions. 

2. Commit to a detox. Start a monthly cleanse 3 days is all it takes for a fresh reset. A monthly fast will reboot and strengthen your immune system ( always consult your health practitioner first) 

3. Morning Rituals - Rise and Shine! Practice positive affirmations, drink plenty of water, and create a habit of a healthy yoga practice and or meditation. It does not have to be a complex morning routine to get you going, even the simplest of things will contribute to the changes you wish to see on the way to becoming the best version of yourself. However, routines can become boring and monotonous over time so if you need a bit of excitement in your day; add or take away some of your rituals to keep your sense of adventure and excitement. Instead of your normal morning at the gym, perhaps you go for a hike instead?

4. Nighttime Rituals- Along with your nighttime beauty regimen, why not take 10-15 minutes to listen to a guided meditation or read a book before bed? Perhaps you want to review your goals or do some journaling. Developing a practice to unwind and let go of the day to prepare for the next day ahead is absolutely brilliant even if it is sipping a cup of your favorite tea after a long day of work. (See our favorite teas) 

5. Write down your goals. Write it down, review it daily even if you haven't made progress on it yet; keep watering the seed of your vision and goals. If you've written your goals down but you are still struggling with them; write down 3 ways that you could accomplish that goal. Why not get an accountability partner you can trust to work towards your goals together.  

6. Be Brave and Keep going. It may take some failure to see your successful thriving self...and make it happen! But keep failing forward eventually you will develop what works for you. You only fail if you quit. 

7. Start now! Don't procrastinate, you don't have to wait until the new year to begin your new routine. You can start this moment, write down your goals and what actions you will take to accomplish them, get going on your morning routine even if it is one little change you make outside of your comfort zone. 

Tell us how you're going to 'Make it happen in 2018' Leave your comments below. What works for you and how you stay focused on your goals? Did this help you set your foundation or look at your mission in a different way?

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