We are all seeking happiness, joy, peace, and love.

It is our human nature to want to grow, to connect, to share, to move with the cycles of life. Just as nature goes through the seasons, so do we. We desire satisfaction in every area of our lives. We crave fulfillment in our career, finances, and family.

We want to contribute to something bigger than our own selves.

To attain this satisfaction we must release and let go of the beliefs we hold about ourselves and life that are keeping us stuck in the same patterns and unwanted experiences. The ancient practice of meditation has been an amazing way for many people to discover a more peaceful approach to their everyday life and to access their inner world of possibilities.

There I was, transitioning into adolescent life, making decisions that at the time felt like the world would crumble before me if I didn’t choose the right path. Major life decisions and relationships began to bring a lot of stress on to me, so my natural curious nature led me to the town library here in California where I began to read about meditation and how important it is to actively breathe. I read many books and articles addressing anxiety which I suffered from at one point; causing me to experience a panic attack. The more I researched and immersed myself into these new ideas, the more I became interested and thought it possible for me to take my actions into my own hands and not be dragged around by outside circumstances, I could see that the authors of the books I was reading were just like me, that at some point they no longer wanted to get in their own way, they just decided that they wanted to change and so they did.

I began to practice choosing higher vibrating thoughts which were presented to me by the amazing author of “You can heal your life” by Louise L. Hay, a book I highly recommend reading to discover the power of your thoughts and how they shape your reality. It wasn’t long before I started to observe myself and how I was contributing to my own suffering. Once, I discovered that my inner reality was creating my outer reality, without hesitation I committed to doing ‘the work’ It would be my mission to discover my true self, to change my inner reality to experience an outer reality that was in alignment with the peace of my soul. As a beginner to the world of meditation and many techniques to choose from the most effective method of practice for me was mindful breathing, I would find a time during the day once or twice a week at first to sit for 15-20 minutes and just breathe, counting my breath 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then a slow exhale 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....really helped me feel at ease. With continued practice, I wanted to feel this way often so I began to experiment with mantra meditations. A mantra is a phrase or scripture repeated often to bring you into alignment energetically with the thought or 'mantra'.

My mantra “I am forgiving, I release and let go”

My mantra “I am forgiving, I release and let go” created a space for so much healing and peace. I noticed how I was attracting different experiences and people that would further help me in my growth, more books, and stories of others that were meditation and yoga practitioners were evident in my reality. People that not only were on the same path of healing and forgiveness but overall growth and constant evolution in this amazing experience called Life that we all get to share.

After hearing of yoga many times I decided to give it a try and thank all things good, I loved it! I was practicing regularly at my local gym near South Coast Plaza in Southern California for a few months before I was informed about a great yoga studio nearby the beach. I was totally hooked on this wonderful new path that was opening before me. With a few years of practicing yoga on and off my good friend invited me to a Saturday morning yoga class and of course, I was in. This is where I learned of yoga teacher training and in that moment I knew that I would become a yoga teacher. It’s our human nature to share the things in life that uplift us and because yoga has been so transforming for me in my life; I will continue to share what I have learned by coming back to the basics through yoga and meditation again and again.

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